Wheel Chair moves on its own – Watch this terrifying Video

Yes, Wheel Chair moves on its own. A new and terrifying video emerges on the internet of and people are going crazy over it. This video has scared the shit out of the people. You will be shocked too after watching this video.

Sometimes, hospitals can be very terrifying and spooky at times. After all, some hospitals have a very depressing past. You might have heard some scary stories of a hospital. But this video takes it to a whole new level. There is a lot of difference between hearing one and seeing it yourself.

You can see a totally empty wheelchair moving by itself at night. Afterward, moves to the hospital exit. This video is from Chandigarh.

Furthermore, this incident happened at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India. Security Guard “Manoj Kumar” was seen in the video. He watched it all and was terrified.

This video has sparked a sense of fear in the hospital staff. Similarly, many staff members have refused to work at night because of fear.

Furthermore, some staffs said

it rolled on the smooth floor and went out. It was just wind and not any ghost

Well, wind or not, this video is quite scary. This video is already viral on social media. Therefore, people are coming up with their own theories. As an example, here are some of them.

Wheel Chair moves on its own
Wheel Chair moves on its own
Wheel Chair moves on its own

Finally, real or not but if a wheel chair moves on its own it’s quite scary.

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